I wrote a book!

The more books I sell the more golf I can play, so Ride by Graig Mantle (it’s only $0.99, that’s like 2 oz. of baseball stadium Coors Light, but way more refreshing)

Here’s the official description:

“Harvey Nash, a gunman for hire in the untamed west of 1873, had a reputation for getting the job done. So when he was approached with an intriguing assignment, his pride (and his pocketbook) wouldn’t let him turn it down. After all, it seemed relatively easy — make one delivery from Cheyenne to Dallas, receive payment, go on with his life. Little did he know that this job would put him in more danger than he had ever faced before, and events along the way meant he could never go back to his old way of life…”

You can read it on any Kindle or Kindle app, which is free for every smartphone and tablet out there. Unless you’re still texting on a Nokia, you’ve got no excuse not to enjoy it…

Ride by Graig Mantle


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