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My name is Graig Mantle. I’ve played golf for as long as I can remember, had good stretches and awful stretches, but I keep teeing it up whether it’s good for me or not. Early in 2011 an idea hit me that would combine my urge to travel with my desire to complete lofty, time-consuming and irrational goals (i.e. the 2-month road trip to every baseball stadium in 2006 and my half-baked idea to set foot on all 7 continents in 7 days, which is still in the planning stage). I would play at least one round of golf in all 50 states by year-end 2021.

The goal won’t be done playing the cheap par-3 executive courses or run down municipal tracks next to airports, but only some of the finest and most enjoyable courses America has to offer. While at my young age getting onto some of the exclusively private clubs is next to impossible (no Southern Hills in Oklahoma or Pine Valley in New Jersey for me unfortunately), I feel lucky knowing all these great courses are playable with good budgeting and the desire, which is definitely burning. This blog is to meant as a running journal of each course on my way to this milestone so one day I can look back and remember little details that might get lost over the next few hundred rounds. I am always looking for playing partners, new people to talk golf with, and your input on what courses I should look into. And if you can get me on at Augusta, well…

I also wrote a book! The more I sell, the more I can play so… Ride by Graig Mantle

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by charley clouse on April 9, 2012 at 8:51 AM

    great concept, super blog…i’ll work on Augusta for both of us…when you are ready for colorado and wyoming, give me a call, mi casa, su casa….hit ’em straight….
    charley clouse


    • That would be awesome, I’ve done Wyoming and I think this summer I’ll try Grand Junction in Colorado, but Denver seems nice too. You have a place in Wyoming?


  2. […] Golf Resort – Wolf Course in Las Vegas, NV Graig Mantle – October 30, […]


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